AUDIOTRIP - your virtual guide

How to create trips in AudioTrip?


You can easily create your own trips in our editor on following 4 simple steps:

Define basics

Begin with the basic decisions: what will be be the name, language of the trip and its price. Think if it should be made in "interior" technology or in standard GPS tracking mode.

Mark the route and waypoints

Use Google Maps or custom map to mark the points of your trip and adjust the route to let the tourist know what is the best way to reach all the points.

Prepare and load the files

Prepare audio files and the other materials for the trip and its points: descriptions, photos, graphics or even videos. Choose the main photo of your trip, description and introduction which will be visible in the catalogue. Next, load the files for each of the points.

Publish your completed trip in the catalogue

After adding all the required materials you can immediately publish your trip in the catalogue. You can also edit that trip any time after publication (for example to change the route or price). Changes will be visible without any delay.