AUDIOTRIP - your virtual guide

How to sightsee with AudioTrip?



1. Turn on AudioTrip. Register/sign in is not necessary, although strongly suggested.

2. In the catalogue you will find available trips, starting from the ones nearest to you.

You can also filter or search to find better match for your interests or places you would like to see.

Please notice, that the trips you'll find may be free or payable.

3. After entering the trip you will find samples, photos, descriptions, the length of the trip (km) and audio files (min) and some information about the author as well.

4. When you decide on a trip you like you can download it on your phone. It will show in "My trips" and save on your AudioTrip account.


Now you can start exploring! How? It's easy!

Put on your headphones and tap "explore".



On the display you'll see map and route which will guide you to the first waypoint of the trip and further through all of them.


When you come close to the waypoint the app will automatically play all the information about it.



* If your trip takes place inside the building you can trigger the audio by scanning QR-codes or NFC tags placed near the exhibits.



In the meantime you will be hearing "background story", which can be a general story or some music prepared by the author for the time when you move between waypoints.



Important! Exploring works Offline

Once downloaded trip no longer needs internet connection. This means you do not have to pay roaming fees while sightseeing!


Additional features:

- app mutes during a phone call
- can work in the background to reduce battery consumption
- saves your progress when switched off
- Augmented Reality mode shows waypoints on camera preview
- and more... check yourself!