AUDIOTRIP - your virtual guide

Technologies of AudioTrip



GPS - Thanks to the GPS tracking, tourist can see his current localisation on the map and route of the trip together with its points. Whenever he reaches one of the points, GPS localises him and activates corresponding audio file.

QR-CODE - Audio files about the points can be activated manually by scanning QR-codes located closely to the places marked as points of the trip. That system is dedicated particularly to the trips located in the buildings.

NFC - NFC is another close-range communication system usefull for interior trips. In this case NFC tags (little stickers with chip inside) are to be placed near to the points. Point is activated by touching the tag with a phone.


Use of Google Maps or another custom maps and plans: Google maps together with GPS tracking provide tourist with comfort of orientation during the trip. Although whenever the trip concerns interior areas there is possibility of providing alternative map or graphic. Use of custom map enables preparation of an interactive plan for the trip.

Flexible route planning: Editor enables flexible drawing of the route between the points, thanks to the "via points" system.

Testing feature: You can download the trip you’ve just made to your device and test it before publishing in the catalogue.

Simulation of the trip view: During edition you can check any time how your trip will look on the phone. You can also check precision of the point location by using Google Street View technology.

Multiple versions of the trip: If you wish to create more than one language version or few different types of your trip (for example two variants - one for children, one for adults) you can do it easilly by making editable copies of created trip.