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What is the cost?


Free trips: Annual fee for publishing in AudioTrip audioguide free of charge for tourists is 100 EUR but you do not have to bear these costs if you agree that we implement ads in it. As we do not like ads, we are also open for any form of barter settlement, for example promotion of our platform. Payable trips: If you would like to sell created audioguide to our users, we charge only 30% commission from the income that you get from the sale. The price of the trip is nominated in AudioTrip internal currency – AudioTrip Coin (ATC), which settlement is presented below.

How the sales of trips is settled in AudioTrip?

Audiotrip Coin (ATC)
The author decides on the trip price in ATC. The value of ATC is constant and equals 10 ATC = 0,54 EUR
AudioTrip charges a commission of 30% of revenues.

This means that author receives honorary of 70% * 0,54 EUR * price of the trip in ATC

The final price for the tourist is higher because of intermediary commission (PayPal, Google Play, iTunes) depending on where it was purchased.

This solution allows autors to make unlimited changes of their trips and to sale them in the day of publication without delay, as there is no need to declare new, separate product to our intermediaries.