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Who publishes in AudioTrip?


Cities: AudioTrip allows to build narration around places, sights and attractions with no necessity to invest and maintain customized applications. It gives you the ability to reliably measure the results by the conducted statistics and rapid responce to, for example, the changes occurring in the urban space through unlimited trip editing.

Museums and cultural institutions: Our platform saves authors inconvenience of the expensive and non-functional systems, allows to distribute audioguides directly on the device belonging to the visitors or to lend them cheaper and infinitely more useful tablets and other mobile devices of the new generation.

Storytellers and writers: AudioTrip allows you to listen to the stories in surroundings they take place, which makes it a great medium for both fantastic and very real ones.

Managers of hotels and tourist attractions: Audiotrip gives you the opportunity to create personalized offers for leisure activities, highlighting the various beauties of the area. By providing your guests with a comprehensive set of information in a form of convenient audio guide you save their time. Thanks to you they can stick to a sheer pleasure of sightseeing with no anxiety of missing anything worth experiencing.

Guides: The trip published can be a sample of their craftsmanship, which gives both: a perfect way of promoting yourself and modern medium to get to an individual customer.

Amateurs: Our community is open to anyone who feels bound to a place and wants to tell the world about it. We are a platform where anyone can canalize his passion of storytelling no matter what his or her professional career is.


Joining AudioTrip means joining a network of partners from all around the world.

Thanks to the trips catalogue based on the user's current location, a newcomer who has already met AudioTrip in a distant corner of the globe can see your trip on the top of his list. And that means you are promoted by all the members of AudioTrip community!