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Felin Uchaf


Visionary Social Enterprise pioneering a holistic approach to Education & the Environment, to Culture & Community

The Felin Uchaf Project grew out of a vision to create a place where people and the land on which they worked could nourish each other in body, soul and spirit and to found a Community Enterprise Centre based on a holistic approach to environmental and cultural education. At Michaelmas 2004 a small group of friends launched an appeal to purchase a neglected parcel of land in the heart of the Llyn Peninsula on Wales's westernmost shores bordering the Irish Sea, and set about manifesting that vision. They began to transform the landscape through planting thousands of trees, reinstating hedgerows and wetland habitats and sculpting new eco buildings out of stone, earth, thatch and timber harvested locally. On what used to be a bare, windswept site there are now a patchwork of small gardens and flowered meadows, a low green haze of young trees and the fruits of many people's labours: paths that lead to secluded roundhouses, to a subterranean hall where stories and songs and the arts are celebrated , to workspaces for the sharing of fine craftsmanship and a community garden for people to cooperatively grow herbs and vegetables in a sustainable, life enhancing way. The Centre has become a valued resource for schools, community groups and volunteers, a place to reconnect with our land, ourselves and each other. There is a great deal of practical work still to do and people of all ages and backgrounds, both local and from all parts of the world come to volunteer, lend a helping hand and participate in the craft and building courses. We hope that when you have looked through our website and seen what a tremendous opportunity this initiative represents for not only the people and land of the peninsula but for Wales and far beyond her borders, that you too will want to get involved.

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