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Podguides is a collaboration between Ray Burnside of Elstree media and Johnny Ashton, actor and Blue Badge tourist guide.

John Ashton A Londoner born and bred John has been a professional actor in British theatre and television for over 30 years. He has an outgoing, amiable personality and while his material is thoroughly and deeply researched, his presentations are spontaneous, conversational and informal. His easy-going communication skills have also been in demand in the corporate and business community where he has worked substantially as a presenter, trainer and facilitator. Ray Burnside also spent 30 years as an actor musician in the theatre and TV. In the 1990s he produced radio plays for the BBC and developed an interest in online entertainment and history. His collaboration with John Ashton produced Podguides some time ago, and now with the technical wizardry of AudioTrip, is re-launching their walks. Ray also runs a video production company.

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