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Tim Richards Special


Former BBC journalist and broadcaster, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Member of the British Guild of Travel Writers for 25 years, award-winning audio-guides producer.

Hello I’m Tim Richards – an old hand now at making audio guides. I’ve been making travel programmes either for the BBC or forBritish commercial radio stations for many years. >From there I moved into online audio in about 2005 and into full app format in twenty-thirteen. Shall I be frank and open with you ? OK. So I’ve been making audio travel guides since 1978. That’s thirty-six years. And I’ve been from Svalbard near the North Pole to the Equator in tropical Borneo. I’ve recorded on the tops of ski mountains all over the world – high above them in gliders too and out heliskiing – and right down deep into the salt mines of Austria and close to the boiling waters of Geysers in Iceland. And it’s always been very fulfilling. I’ve had great fun and great educational opportunities with head-hunter tribes to the Amish of Pennsylvania. I've even dined with George Washington and Ben Franklin - well their excellent stand-ins ! But this is the really important thing – I just love you - my listeners - hearing those same fascinating people, getting the feel of the same exotic and exciting places as I’ve travelled to. Bringing you the best I can in sounds is a privilege for which I am very grateful.

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