Mahomes has Hunt early because of the confusion by Denver on

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Mahomes has Hunt early because of the confusion by Denver on

Postby elaine95 SS » 02 Dec 2019, 8:17

The Oakland Raiders have decided on a home stadium for 2019.But that doesn’t yet mean that’s where they’ll be playing.On Sunday night Patrick Mahomes Jersey , San Francisco television news anchor Raj Mathai tweeted that the Raiders have reached an agreement with the San Francisco Giants to use their Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park) for their home games in 2019.Meanwhile, Scott Bair of NBC Sports is reporting that Mathai’s tweet might be premature.Bair said that the Raiders did not respond to multiple requests for comment and that the Giants are “under the impression that the Raiders still were checking on two other potential sites.”The Raiders are backed into a corner. Their new stadium in Las Vegas won’t be ready until the 2020 season. They are embroiled in a legal fight with the city of Oakland, which is suing the team over their move to Las Vegas. There appears to be no way for the city and the Raiders to simply put aside their differences and play one more season in the Oakland-Alameda County Stadium.Since December, all kinds of options have been floating around — including the possibility that the Raiders might play their home games in London!But this reported deal with the Giants for Oracle Park isn’t the last word on the story.For one thing, the NFL has to approve it.For another, the San Francisco 49ers would have to approve it too, because Oracle Park lies within the area in which the 49ers have territorial rights.As far as we know, neither the NFL or the 49ers have yet signed off on this deal.In the meantime, the clock is ticking.The NFL can’t start figuring out the 2019 schedule — an extremely complicated process with a large set of variables to consider — until they know where the Raiders are going to play their home games.The league had previously said that the Raiders needed to get this issue resolved “before January or February,” but obviously that hasn’t happened. Last week Travis Kelce Jersey , NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “We need to make a schedule for the 2019 season and the sooner the better for us with that.”So there is plenty of incentive for the NFL to just go along with whatever the Raiders decide.But getting the approval of the 49ers could be more of a problem.Back in December, KGO-TV reported that Santa Clara officials were exploring the possibility that the Raiders could play in Levi’s Stadium, where the 49ers play. (Oddly enough, at the time, the Raiders had not yet expressed interest in doing so). The stadium was actually built to accommodate two franchises.Is it possible that the 49ers could stand in the way of this deal for the Raiders in Oracle Park, hoping to force the Raiders into using Levi’s Stadium?The 49ers could stand to benefit — not only from the possibility that they could conceivably make a deal with Santa Clara for reduced rent in 2019 — but also from the opportunity they would have to show off the facility to Raiders fans whose team will soon be playing eight hours away; the 49ers could see this as a chance to build their fan base.Whatever happens, it will have to be soon.The NFL needs to get the computers cranking on the 2019 schedule as soon as possible. This is part one of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes.Three of Patrick Mahomes’ eight career victories of have come against the Denver Broncos. Sunday’s game was unique because the book was out on the kid with a familiar opponent. Despite a piecemeal interior offense line, Mahomes was able to rise to the occasion and lead his team to yet another 30-point game.It was not a perfect performance. There were still issues that need to be looked at, but the tests keep coming and the kid keeps responding. This week Tyreek Hill Jersey , the Broncos did a respectable enough job of keeping Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill from going off. Enter Sammy Watkins. Mahomes found the talented receiver several times this week to the tune of eight receptions, 107 yards and two touchdowns.This week was the perfect representation of why Watkins was signed to a big contract. He is not the highest on the pecking order for targets, but he demands attention. Don’t give him appropriate respect and he’ll make you pay. The Mahomes-Watkins connection will continue to grow over time, but his value will serve immense over the length of his contract.We’re seeing superstar statistics from Hill and Kelce. Hunt has since joined them. Now Sammy Watkins is coming on strong. All of this with an offensive line held together by duct tape. The Chiefs are overcoming adversity on the backs of a rare compilation of skill players. Once the offensive line and defense is closer to whole, a Super Bowl appearance seems very much in the cards.Something goodSomehow this won’t even be the best throw we talk about this week (tomorrow’s article is going to be so much fun).The Chiefs motion into an empty formation and Denver shows a middle field closed look. They’ll play Cover 3 here. Sammy Watkins is going to run a deep in route with Chris Conley working underneath it. Mahomes identifies early enough that he’s going to have Watkins that he looks off the middle linebacker with subtle shoulders and eyes to keep the window clean. You can see from the end zone view that it works and linebacker Todd Davis goes with his acting job, allowing Mahomes to drive a ball. The anticipation, velocity and manipulation are fantastic representations of all the great things we’re seeing from the young quarterback. He hits Watkins in stride for a gain of 24. Excellent work, and it’s not even the best play of the day.The RPOs were flowing like La Croix in my household. Andy Reid was dialing up a bevy of slant-flat route concepts attached to his run plays this week. They were deadly. Here’s the biggest play stemming from the concept.Hill starts lined up in a common condensed formation the Chiefs employ. He motions out wide and runs a slant with Watkins running a slant. The Broncos have nine men near or in the box in this look, so with Hill motioning wide Carlos Hyde Jersey , there’s space for the passing concept to work. With the Broncos forced to be gap sound against the run and the nearest underneath defender widening with Watkins on the flat route, there’s space for Hill to run after the catch. It was a quick, accurate delivery by Mahomes and a great design to allow Hill room to run after the catch. Something badChalk this up as a wasted opportunity for more points.Early in the game, second-and-goal. Kelce motions into the boundary and lines up with Demetrius Harris and Watkins in the boundary. The Broncos are still trying to get lined up on the snap of the ball. The Chiefs roll toward the play-action, as they have several times this year. Mahomes has Hunt early because of the confusion by Denver on the snap. He hangs on the deep concepts for too long and throws to Hunt late, who runs out of room near the sideline and falls out of bounds for a mere gain of four.The Chiefs will go on to settle for a field goal after a failed third-and-goal conversion. They might have had six if Mahomes had got off the deep concepts and dumped down to the wide-open Hunt. This play didn’t matter today, but these are the kinds of plays you need to hit in critical situations down the road.Quarterback anecdoteEvery week, I add a quick note about something I’ve picked up about the quarterback position through my time learning and playing the game.We’ve talked about how pass play progressions (the order in which the quarterback reads a play) are dictated by the coverage the defense ultimately ends up in. When it comes to progressions, the reads aren’t always 1, 2 Juan Thornhill white jersey , 3, 4. Sometimes they are 1/1a, 2, 3. In some instances, you’re able to read more than one route at a time. Take a smash concept for instance (hitch by outside receiver, corner over the top of it). You can read the leverage of the corner to determine where you’ll deliver the ball. If he’s committed to the hitch, there’s space for the corner over the top of him vs. Cover 3. Sometimes you can read in concepts rather than just routes.
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