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How it works?



514c44ae96720-phone.pngAudioTrip is a new way of discovering the world around you

Taking the best qualities of well-known tool - audioguide, AudioTrip combines them with the latest remarkable feat of mobile technology to redefine individual sightseeing. It allows you to easily find yourself in a new place as it precisely guides you along the route with a passionate narrative of local experts - all of that in real time and with full respect to your independence.

AudioTrip releases authors from the restrictions of their devices to satisfy their creativity.

It enhances your exploring experience. In one app you've got interactive maps and plans integrated with descriptions, photos and videos. All of them are put together to be triggered at the exact time you need them. Now you can focus on the sheer pleasure of simply convenient all- round sightseeing.

AudioTrip provides information "here and now": no matter where you are, you can get valuable information via device always carried around with you, at your own pace.

It makes creating and publishing of audioguides easy: our convenient trip editor allows you to create and change trips from your personal computer at any time; you can share them with Audiotrip community immediately after making modifications.